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About! Hamed Mir Mohammadi

Hamed Mir Mohammadi is the co-founder of Freak. Born in 1983, with 20 years of experience, he decided to establish the Freak brand. Now, with over 50 employees, he has successfully grown the business And currently, he is the chief of tools’ syndicate.

Freak means strange and unusual in English, so the brand identity design team has focused on three items: innovation, novelty, and efficiency.

We are proud to introduce Freak, the leading brand established by Iranian experts with the aim of providing world-class quality products. In collaboration with top international manufacturers, Freak offers durable, high-quality, and diverse products at national and regional levels.

Freak’s managers and founders, with more than two decades of experience, have established an Iranian brand with a global mindset to identify and meet the country’s main needs in the field of tools.

At Freak, we are constantly looking for intelligent and innovative solutions to the complexities of the world. Therefore, it is always thinking innovatively, ambitiously, and creatively to blend technology and traditional experience and meet the needs of professionals and everyone who uses tools for interest or work.

Our Brand

Freak Gallery

professional showroom

With over 3,000 square meters of covered warehouse and a professional showroom in line with branding standards in central Iran

Freak’s sales

Freak’s sales network inside Iran consists of 5 regional offices and more than 500 sales representatives in Tehran, Yazd, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, as well as the trading and supply office in China

Freak Tools

Our distribution and sales organization consists of elite tool industry professionals across Iran, ensuring that our products are accessible to everyone.

Unique after-sales services

Freak’s after-sales services are provided by Hashti Afrinan Sepehr Company in the form of a 12 to 36 month warranty depending on the type of product, in an official and legal manner.

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