Angle grinder 230mm


Power source: Electricity
Application of tools: Industrial
Guarantee: 18 Months
Included items: Page wrench, Protective guard, One handle, One pair of charcoal, Manual


Angle grinder 230mm

Are you a professional or a DIY master? Angle grinders are power tools that can be used for grinding, cutting and polishing surfaces. Angle grinders are anywhere that power tools are. Freak FR-AG4021 Angle grinder 230mm operates at 6000 RPM. Its professional heavy-duty 2500w powerful motor enables the tool to work with high performance. Freak FR-AG4021 Angle grinder 230mm with only 6.2kg is the right tool for most tasks.



One of the most versatile tools in Freak company is the Angle grinder 230mm. It runs at 8000 RPM and with a 2500w robust motor allows you to cut, grind or polish all kinds of materials. Freak FR-AG4021 Angle grinder 230mm has Ball bearings that are designed to reduce friction, protect the motor against dust, and ensure a long lifetime for the motor and make it work more smoothly. If the motor works under an unusual load, it will be warm and overheated. An overheated motor will bring your equipment to a crucial point and finally it will cause damages. Freak FR-AG4021 Angle grinder 230mm has equipped with a direct airflow system which cools the motor for more reliable performance and higher overload capabilities.


Freak FR-AG4021 Angle grinder 230mm can handle different wheels and that is what makes it so versatile. A rotary main handle is designed for this angle grinder; this handle can accelerate working in different angles and improves user comfort and control. Freak FR-AG4021 Angle grinder 230mm has 3 positions ergonomic side handle that minimizes vibration and reduces fatigue during long time of working. This angle grinder with its anti-dust switch reduces dust penetration, especially in masonry working conditions. Freak FR-AG4021 Angle grinder 230mm has a new locking pin system for easy and fast disc changing and safety mechanism.

Freak’s ability to change the disc guard quickly, allows the user to place the guard in different working positions. Additionally, this tool has a soft start switch system that ensures the safety of the operation.

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