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Brushless impact Drill kit 13mm-20V-80N.m



  • Equipped with a 13mm metal automatic chuck
  • Powered by a 20V brushless motor
  • Maximum torque of 80 Nm with excellent power
  • Adjustable in two different speeds
  • Equipped with a fast charging system for better efficiency
  • Capable of operating in three distinct modes: drilling, hammer drilling, and screwdriver
  • Impact drilling function with torque adjustment in 3 + 20 settings
  • Ergonomic design with a rubber side handle for impact drilling
  • Equipped with an LED light to illuminate the work surface
  • Compatible with 2.0 and 4.0 Ah batteries


Brushless impact Drill kit 13mm-20V-80N.m

Technical Specifications and Key Features

The FR-CT9020B 13mm cordless drill, with its modern design and powerful performance, stands out as one of the best choices for professional users. This drill features a powerful 20V brushless motor that enables high efficiency in handling heavy-duty and complex tasks.

Adjustable Torque and Speed

One of its prominent features is its maximum torque of 80 Newton-meters, making it highly suitable for precise tasks requiring high power. This adjustable torque is provided in two different speed settings, allowing users to select the appropriate speed for each type of task.


This cordless drill offers three separate operating modes, including drilling, hammer drilling, and screwdriving. With this versatility, users can easily complete various types of construction and industrial projects using a single tool.

Fast Charging System

Another standout feature of this drill is its fast charging system, which quickly charges the battery and enables users to work continuously without interruptions. This feature is highly valuable for users who require high efficiency.

Design and User Comfort

The FR-CT9020B cordless drill features an ergonomic design that allows users to work comfortably and with high precision. Its side handle is made of rubber, which reduces slippage and enhances user comfort during prolonged use.

Other Features

This drill is equipped with an LED light that illuminates the work area in low-light conditions. Additionally, it is compatible with 2.0 and 4.0 Ah batteries, providing users with options that suit their specific needs.


In conclusion, the FR-CT9020B 13mm cordless drill offers an excellent combination of power, precision, and high performance. It is an ideal choice for professional and industrial users seeking an efficient and reliable tool.


Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Model No.


Motor Type


Battery Voltage


Drill Chunk


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