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High Pressure Washer 110 Bar



  • Equipped with stainless steel pistons with uniform pressure
  • Includes auto stop system
  • Features a thermal sensor system to enhance performance
  • Compliant with IPX standards
  • Comes with a 5-meter high-pressure hose
  • Suitable for all household and general purposes
  • Includes a high-pressure gun and one lance
  • Adjustable and convertible turbo nozzle
  • Comes with a detergent tank, easy and quick coupler connection


High Pressure Washer 110 Bar FR-GI1040U

If you’re looking for a high-performance cleaning tool that combines efficiency, durability, and versatility, the High Pressure Washer 110 Bar FREAK FR-GI1040U is the perfect choice. This powerful washer is designed to tackle all your household and general cleaning needs with ease.

Key Features:

1. Stainless Steel Pistons with Uniform Pressure

The FREAK FR-GI1040U is equipped with stainless steel pistons that ensure uniform pressure. This feature guarantees a consistent and powerful cleaning performance, helping you remove dirt and grime effortlessly.

2. Auto Stop System

To enhance energy efficiency and prolong the life of the washer, it includes an auto stop system. This system automatically shuts off the motor when the trigger is released, reducing wear and tear and saving energy.

3. Thermal Sensor System

The built-in thermal sensor system enhances performance by preventing the washer from overheating. This safety feature ensures that the machine operates within optimal temperature ranges, providing reliable and safe usage.

4. IPX Standards Compliance

Complying with IPX standards, this pressure washer offers superior protection against water and dust ingress. This compliance ensures durability and reliability in various working conditions.

5. 5-Meter High-Pressure Hose

The 5-meter high-pressure hose allows you to reach difficult areas with ease, providing flexibility and convenience during cleaning tasks.

6. Versatile for Household and General Purposes

Whether it’s for washing your car, cleaning your driveway, or other household cleaning tasks, the FREAK FR-GI1040U is suitable for all general purposes. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to your cleaning tools.

7. High-Pressure Gun and Lance Included

The package includes a high-pressure gun and one lance, giving you everything you need for effective cleaning right out of the box.

8. Adjustable and Convertible Turbo Nozzle

The adjustable and convertible turbo nozzle allows you to customize the spray pattern and pressure according to your cleaning requirements. This feature enhances the washer’s adaptability for different cleaning tasks.

9. Detergent Tank and Easy Coupler Connection

The included detergent tank makes it easy to apply cleaning agents, improving cleaning efficiency. Additionally, the quick coupler connection simplifies setup and usage, saving you time and effort.

The High Pressure Washer 110 Bar FREAK FR-GI1040U is an exceptional cleaning tool that combines powerful performance with practical features. Its stainless steel pistons, auto stop system, thermal sensor, and compliance with IPX standards ensure reliability and durability. With a 5-meter hose, high-pressure gun, adjustable turbo nozzle, and detergent tank, this pressure washer is perfect for all your cleaning needs. Invest in the FREAK FR-GI1040U for a cleaner and more efficient household.


Additional information

Weight 5,8 kg
Model No.



7 I/min

Rate Voltage


Rated Frequency

50-60 Hz





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