Metal Tool Box


Features & Benefits:

  • Strong handle with ABS injection cover for user comfort
  • Electro-powder coating to resist scratch and solvent markings
  • Double latch for greater strength tray swing out for easy tool access
  • Heavy duty metal for body construction and handle to provide ultimate durability


Metal Tool Box freak

Having a toolbox helps you to be organized and keeps everything together the whole time. The Freak toolboxes are metal-made toolboxes that organize and protect your tools thoroughly. made from cold-rolled steel and, with the 30×20.5×25.5 cm dimensions, can fit perfectly in your vehicle’s trunk or even in a closet.

Model No.
Model No. FR-GE303L
Dimensions 30x20.5x25.5 cm
Body thickness
Body thickness 0.6 mm
Caps thickness
Caps thickness 0.7 mm
Joint thickness
Joint thickness 1.5 mm
Net. 3.5 kg


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