Mini Angle Grinder long handle 115mm


Power supply: Electricity
Use of tools: Industrial, Domestic
Guarantee: 18 Months
Included items: Page wrench – A pair of charcoal – Manual


Mini Angle Grinder long handle 115mm

One might think that we require different tools for cutting metal bars and plates, for flattening surfaces and for honing dull blades and knives. But there is a tool that can handle all of the operations mentioned above perfectly. The Freak Mini Angle Grinder long handle 115m FR-AG4013 is an extremely handy power tool for cutting and grinding applications. This back-switch mini angle grinder has an 1100w motor which is responsible for delivering a no-load speed of 11000 in RPM.


To cover a wide range of applications and provide an outstanding performance in cutting and grinding, the Freak Mini Angle Grinder long handle 115mm FR-AG4013 has a high-power and high-performance 1100W motor which makes it perfect for various applications. This powerful motor can generate a no-load speed of 11000 in RPM at maximum rate. When this high level of speed is combined with a 115mm cutting or grinding wheel, the result becomes extremely powerful and reliable.

To make this power tool as efficient as possible and extend the life time of the motor, the field windings of the FR-AG4013 are coated with epoxy. As there is a lot of dust available on any construction site or a workshop, these epoxy-coated field windings are produced with the highest quality possible to prevent dust and small pieces of various materials from penetrating the motor’s winding.

As you might have experienced before when working with power tools, sometimes the body of these tools tend to get hot, especially if you work with them continuously. If not dissipated properly, this heat can damage or in extreme cases, even break your power tool. To overcome this problem, Freak has designed a direct motor cooling system for its angle grinders. This system enables the motor to deliver a more reliable performance and prepare it for higher overload capabilities. It also plays an important role in the tool’s efficiency and long life, as extreme heat may affect its overall performance.


In order to make using this tool more comfortable, the body of this mini angle grinder is designed to be slim and handy. The slimness of the Freak Mini Angle Grinder long handle 115mm FR-AG4013 and its ergonomically designed body makes it easier to ideally handle cutting and grinding operations in tight spaces. In spite of its outstanding performance and considerable power, this back-switch tool is also really light in weight (only 2kg), which ensures convenient use, especially if you intend to work with it for long hours.

To reduce hand fatigue during operation, there is an auxiliary handle included in the color box of the Freak Mini Angle Grinder long handle 115mm FR-AG4013. You can use this exclusively designed handle in three different positions to improve your working performance and have perfect machine control in a variety of operator’s movements.

This practical tool comes with a protective wheel guard which is designed uniquely by Freak. The guard guarantees the safety of the users when cutting or grinding. The ability to quickly change the position of this guard allows the user to put it in different positions in order to work at various angles. Changing the wheel in this mini angle grinder is done with a locking pin button.

With its high-performance and powerful 1100W motor that delivers a no-load speed of 11000 RPM, the Freak Mini Angle Grinder long handle 115mm FR-AG4013 can handle a wide range of grinding and cutting applications.

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