Rotary Hammer 26mm


Power source: Electricity
Application of tools: Industrial – Domestic
Guarantee: 18 Months
Included items: Four drills four slots – BMC bag – Manual


Rotary Hammer 26mm

Freak FR-RD5060 Rotary Hammer Drill with 26mm SDS-Plus Bit Holder is what everyone needs so they can finish their demolishing tasks quickly! This 850w power tool with an incredible design and lightweight will help you do your projects without making much effort. After finishing your chiseling duties, you can go for drilling, hammer drilling and releasing. It will be so much fun to have only one device which enable you to do several functions.


Hammer drilling, chiseling, drilling and releasing are the 4 functions that Freak FR-RD5060 Rotary Hammer Drill can do as a result of an 850W powerful motor. This power tool works with 220V. Freak FR-RD5060 Rotary Hammer Drill is known as an extraordinary fast demolition tool because of its motor’s max no-load speed of 1100 PRM. It is also equipped with a large capacity cylinder to improve the efficiency and have the strong impact energy of 3J. While running a high torque force project, the safety torque clutch system of the motor is going to give you so much safety. This power tool is a monster rotary hammer drill considering its powerful motor. While using this tool the combination of its lightness and power will amaze you!

Mechanism and switches:

You might be thinking such an amazing rotary hammer drill must be having a complicated mechanism but that is a wrong guess! Using Freak FR-RD5060 Rotary Hammer Drill is so simple, after plugging it in, by using the mode selection knob, choose one of the modes and then, push the On/Off trigger with full power. If you have to work with a rotary hammer drill for a long time and your tiredness is worrying you, chill! using the lock-on button on the pistol handle will help you work more comfortably. Simply, you can hammer, drill, release and hammer drill!

Bit Holder:

Freak FR-RD5060 Rotary Hammer Drill is the favorite tool of many Fraek fans, maybe because they have fallen in love with its SDS 26mm bit holder or maybe because this handy rotary hammer drill can be used almost everywhere! With the max drilling capacity of 40mm in wood, 13mm in steel and of 26mm in concrete, there is no wonder why so many people cannot stop using it. Another impressive item is the unique SDS Plus bit system in which the impact energy transferred will be maximized. Its automatic bit locking allows the operators to change the bits freely without any tool changing need. Awesome!


The aluminum die-cast housing of Freak FR-RD5060 Rotary Hammer Drill has caused its lightness of 3 Kg. It has also caused a fantastic strength and superior heat dissipation. If working with rotary hammer drills for long tasks is burning you out, the 360° anti-shock auxiliary Freak-design handle will be your labor-saving! This ergonomic power tool is going to surprise you!

Freak FR-RD5060 Rotary Hammer Drill comes in a BMC box including an auxiliary Freak-design handle and 4 SDS Plus drill bits. Let’s call it a happy box, then!

Additional information



Model No.


Rate Power

850 w

Rate Voltage

220-240 v


50-60 Hz

Rate No Load Speed

1100 RPM

Impact Energy

3 j

Max. Drilling Capacity

Concrete 26 mm


3 Kg


4 pcs drill bit


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