Rotary Tool Kit


Power supply: Electricity
Guarantee: 18 Months
Included items: Manual


Rotary Tool Kit

By including 211 different rotary tool accessories for sanding, cutting, grinding, carving, polishing and cleaning solutions, your FR-GI1030 Multi-Tool Kit can become a good plumber, carpenter, jeweler or DIY’s assistant. Slice through plastic, wood, copper and even galvanized metal piping with ease. Therefore, you will definitely need accuracy with variable speed from 10000 to 31000RPM. As a woodworker, you sculpt wood into beautiful shapes and great art and a power tool with a 3.2mm bit holder for different accessories can be a great solution for you. When you’re working with metal workpieces, you have to become certain that the end result looks as professional as possible. So, in order to smooth and polish the steel, a high-performance motor with 135w in power inside a light weight ergonomic body is designed to equip you and your toolbox well.


Less than a kilogram, Freak Rotary Kit FR-GI1030 uses a 135w motor inside which delivers 10000-31000RPM with no-load speed. The mechanism of it, is quite simple with its anti-dust ball bearings which reduce dust penetration and ensure durability.  Because of its great power and high rotation speed, impossible angles, tight spaces and delicate works are super simple to go for by operating the Freak Rotary Kit FR-GI1030`. For instance, you can trim off pipes and screws inside cabinets, in the ceiling, behind the wall and under floor boards and many other hard-to-reach places. And that’s because the variable speed adjustment is included to take control of your Freak Rotary Kit FR-GI1030 tool kit’s speed to adapt to your needs. This variable speed is resulted from an analog dimmer switch.


With its much thinner design, it still looks like a grinder. You can expect anything a grinder can do (but in smaller scales) from this device with its high and efficient performance and light weight. The 3.2mm bit holder and its 3 collet chuck tools allow any operators working on any operations. While choosing the right accessory and collet size, the locking pin system assists you in easy and fast accessory changing and the high safety mechanism makes using Freak Rotary Kit FR-GI1030 a great advantage.


The Freak Rotary Kit FR-GI1030 Variable Speed Rotary Multi-Tool Kit includes several items which are all supplied in a pouch bag. The items are a flexible driver to make working on small scales much more comfortable, 211 different rotary tool accessories and a magnetic LED light to deal with dark spots. The variety of accessories let the operator put on any functions different types of workpieces that is the most highlighted point about Freak Rotary Kit FR-GI1030.

Although rotary tool kits are designed in different models and power levels, they all have this important point in common that they have to spin at very high speed to get the job done. Most of them spin at around 31,000 RPM, while a rotary power tool like the Freak Rotary Kit FR-GI1030 can deliver speed up to 35,000 RPM. Considering its fit-into-pocket size, it’s easy to see how it can reach such high speeds without causing muscle fatigue and discomfort.

So, wear proper safety gear, practice inserting and securing bits, use the right bit for the job and clean your Freak Rotary Tool Kit FR-GI1030 after each use. We promise we will definitely not let you down.

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