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The flagship of tools and machines in the south of the country FREAK Tools Gallery

Freak Tools Gallery is present in the center and south of the country with the best services and products. With unparalleled expertise and experience, it provides accessibility for everyone. Widely addressing various customer needs to offer top-rated services.

“Our team of experienced and technically knowledgeable experts provides professional consulting services to our customers and helps them make the best choices for their needs.”

Representation of wood industries and suction production

We have created agencies in various fields with a focus on quality and innovation, including: Mazand Metal Industries, Payon (wood and MDF industry machinery), Novin Wood (wood and MDF industry machinery), Havasazan (industrial blower manufacturer) and companies producing tools such as Leka, Kenzax, Nova and NEC.


Manufacturing compressed air equipment


Wood and MDF Industrial Machinery


Wood and MDF Industrial Machinery

Mazand Metal Indusrial

Manufacturer of strip nails


Manufacturer of tools and equipment


Manufacturer of tools and equipment


Manufacturer of tools and equipment


Manufacturer of tools and equipment

Tools and equipment representative in the south of the country

“Freik Tool Gallery strives to have continuous communication with its diverse customers and implement constant improvements in services and product representation. From quality enhancement to technical updates, all of these are on the agenda of this company to provide customers with the best and latest products.”

“Our company in the southern region of the country is recognized as a strong and reputable representative by adhering to ethical and professional principles. As a bridge between large manufacturers and local market customers, this company plays an important role in the development of the regional economy and strives to promote further growth and progress by creating employment opportunities and enhancing local industries.”

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Iran, Yazd, Sanat Square, Azadegan Blvd, Corner of Street 48, Freak Tools Gallery

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From 8:30 am to 4:30 pm