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Mini Angle Grinder 880w 115mm



  • Equipped with a powerful 880W industrial motor
  • Features a fully industrial gearbox for long-term use
  • Ergonomic handle and body design according to modern standards
  • Ability to use a side handle on both sides at 180 degrees
  • Equipped with an air circulation system to increase lifespan
  • Fitted with a dust-proof switch
  • Industrial lock button for ease of use
  • Anti-sweat covering on the handles
  • Includes an extra pair of carbon brushes


Mini Angle Grinder 880w 115mm

The Mini Angle Grinder 880W 115mm FREAK FR-AG4012 sets a new standard in compact yet powerful grinding tools, designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability in various grinding and cutting applications. With its robust industrial motor, ergonomic design, and innovative features, the FR-AG4012 is tailored to meet the needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike. Explore the comprehensive features and benefits of this mini angle grinder below to understand why it stands out in its category.

Powerful 880W Industrial Motor

At the heart of the FR-AG4012 is a powerful 880W industrial motor. This high-performance motor provides ample power and torque for grinding and cutting tasks across different materials, from metal and concrete to tiles and bricks. The motor’s reliability ensures consistent performance even under heavy loads, making it suitable for professional use on construction sites and workshops.

Fully Industrial Gearbox for Long-Term Use

Engineered for durability, the FR-AG4012 features a fully industrial gearbox. This gearbox design enhances the tool’s longevity and performance by ensuring smooth power transmission and efficient operation during prolonged use. The gearbox is built to withstand tough conditions, making the grinder a reliable choice for demanding applications.

Ergonomic Handle and Body Design

Designed with user comfort in mind, the FR-AG4012 boasts an ergonomic handle and body design. The ergonomic handle reduces fatigue and improves control during extended use, enhancing operator efficiency and safety. The body design adheres to modern standards, offering a comfortable grip and balanced handling for precision grinding and cutting tasks.

Dual Side Handle Options at 180 Degrees

Versatility is key with the FR-AG4012, which allows for dual side handle placement at 180 degrees. This feature enables users to customize the grinder’s handle position according to their preference and the demands of the task at hand. Whether left-handed or right-handed, operators can adjust the handle for optimal comfort and control during operation.

Air Circulation System to Increase Lifespan

To prolong its operational lifespan, the FR-AG4012 is equipped with an air circulation system. This system enhances cooling efficiency, dissipating heat generated during operation and preventing overheating of internal components. Effective cooling ensures consistent performance and extends the grinder’s service life, making it a durable investment for professionals.

Dust-Proof Switch and Industrial Lock Button

Built for convenience and safety, the FR-AG4012 features a dust-proof switch that protects against debris and contaminants. The switch design ensures reliable operation in dusty environments, maintaining uninterrupted workflow and reducing maintenance needs. Additionally, an industrial lock button provides ease of use by allowing continuous operation without the need for constant trigger engagement, enhancing user productivity.

Anti-Sweat Covering on Handles

Enhancing user comfort during prolonged use, the FR-AG4012 incorporates anti-sweat covering on its handles. This feature reduces moisture buildup and improves grip stability, ensuring a secure hold even in challenging working conditions. The anti-sweat design contributes to operator comfort and safety, enabling precise control over the grinder’s movements.

Includes an Extra Pair of Carbon Brushes

For added convenience and maintenance, the FR-AG4012 comes with an extra pair of carbon brushes. These brushes are essential for maintaining optimal motor performance over time, allowing users to replace worn brushes promptly to ensure continuous reliability and power output.

Applications of the Mini Angle Grinder FR-AG4012

The FR-AG4012 excels in a variety of grinding and cutting applications, including:

Metal Fabrication and Welding

Ideal for metal fabrication and welding tasks, the FR-AG4012 handles grinding and cutting metal surfaces with precision and efficiency. Its powerful motor and durable construction make it suitable for preparing weld joints, cutting metal pipes, and smoothing rough edges.

Construction and Masonry

In construction and masonry applications, the FR-AG4012 is indispensable for cutting bricks, tiles, and concrete blocks. The grinder’s versatile design and adjustable handle positions facilitate accurate cutting and grinding, enhancing productivity on job sites.

Home Improvement and DIY Projects

For home improvement enthusiasts tackling DIY projects, the FR-AG4012 offers versatility and ease of use. From removing rust and paint from metal surfaces to cutting ceramic tiles and pavers, the grinder’s compact size and powerful performance make it an essential tool for various household tasks.

Maintenance Tips for Your FR-AG4012

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your mini angle grinder, follow these maintenance tips:

Regular Cleaning and Inspection

Clean the grinder regularly to remove dust and debris from vents, motor housing, and handles. Inspect the gearbox and handle mechanisms for any signs of wear or damage, and lubricate moving parts as needed to maintain smooth operation.

Check and Replace Carbon Brushes

Monitor the condition of carbon brushes regularly. Replace worn brushes promptly to prevent motor overheating and ensure consistent power output during operation.

Store in a Dry and Clean Environment

Store the FR-AG4012 in a dry, clean environment to protect it from moisture and contaminants. Proper storage prolongs the lifespan of internal components and ensures reliable performance over time.


The Mini Angle Grinder 880W 115mm FREAK FR-AG4012 exemplifies power, precision, and durability, making it an essential tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking reliable performance in grinding and cutting applications. With its high-performance motor, ergonomic design, and innovative features such as dual handle options and an air circulation system, the FR-AG4012 delivers unmatched versatility and efficiency on the job. Whether used in metalworking, construction, or home improvement projects, this grinder ensures exceptional results and consistent reliability with every use.


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