Angle Grinder 180mm


Power source: Electricity
Application of tools: Industrial
Guarantee: 18 Months
Included items: Page wrench, Protective guard, One handle, One pair of charcoal, Manual


Angle grinder 180mm

If you are a professional metalworker and constantly work with different metal workpieces, you are definitely in need of a powerful angle grinder to take care of many projects at your workshop. The highly resistant and powerful 2500W motor of the Freak FR-AG4020 Angle Grinder 180mm can handle a wide range of applications without breaking a sweat! The 3-position ergonomic handle and the rotary main handle of this power tool provide the users with a comfortable and reliable working experience.


An angle grinder can be used in many projects and on a wide range of metal workpieces. To be able to perfectly handle all of these projects, a powerful motor is needed. This is why the Freak FR-AG4020 Angle Grinder 180mm is equipped with a highly resistant 2500W motor. This powerful motor can generate a no-load speed of 8000 in RPM which is great for all types of cutting and grinding applications. The motor of this Freak FR-AG4020 Angle Grinder 180mm ideally secures efficiency in heavy-duty jobs.

In continuous applications, sometimes the motor of angel grinders tends to create a lot of heat. This created heat might damage the motor and inside parts of the power tool if it is not dissipated properly. This is why the Freak FR-AG4020 Angle Grinder 180mm is equipped with a direct airflow system. This system cools the motor in order to provide a more reliable performance and higher overload capabilities. Furthermore, to ensure long lifetime of the motor, this power tool has anti-dust ball bearings, resulting in a smoother working experience.


Having absolute control over the angle grinder is extremely essential. This is why the Freak FR-AG4020 Angle Grinder 180mm comes with a 3-position auxiliary handle. By attaching this handle to the body of the tool, you are able to work with it with both of your hands which results in more control over the grinding or cutting process. This ergonomic side handle also minimizes vibration and reduces fatigue during continuous working. To accelerate working in different angles and improve the level of comfort for users, this amazing angle grinder has a rotary main handle which you can easily adjust in different positions.

This angle grinder has a wheel diameter of 180mm which is suitable for most of metal and cutting and grinding applications and even processing masonry. The quick change of the disc guard allows the users to place the guard in different working positions to promote working in various and even unusual angles. Its anti-dust switch also reduces dust penetration which is especially useful in masonry working conditions.

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